Teresa Eubanks, Owner of 204 Poplar Street, future home of The Emerald Chandelier

Truth: It’s best to give the contractor some grace

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Teresa Eubanks on renovating a historic home

Today, an interview with my friend Teresa Eubanks. After working in sales for over 25 years, Teresa decided to tap into her creative side and open a home furnishings store and tearoom in a 150-year-old Victorian Cottage. The store, called The Emerald Chandelier will open later this year.

Teresa Eubanks, Owner of 204 Poplar Street, future home of The Emerald Chandelier

"I want my quotes today, but I have found that it’s best to give the contractor some grace and allow them time."

Teresa Eubanks, Owner of 204 W. Poplar Street, Griffin, Georgia, future home of The Emerald Chandelier


204 West Poplar Street was built in 1870. "The gingerbread trim and beautiful 9-foot tall windows in front of house were what attracted me," Teresa said. "The home has the original heart pine floors and the original windows and an awesome cupola. Every room has a fireplace. Other than a few pieces of rotten wood, it has great 'bones'. Lots of paint and cleaning and she’ll be beautiful again."

204 w poplar street griffin georgia 1870 victorian cottage

204 Poplar Street, Before Renovations

Detail of Victorian Gingerbread Trim 204 W Poplar Street, Griffin, Georgia

Detail of Original Victorian Gingerbread Trim

Teresa is working with architect Douglas Carithers to repair and revive the house. It's a big job including:

  • Replacing the roof
  • Bracing the front porch with new piers and a structural beam
  • Replacing the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems
  • Building a new kitchen and bathroom
  • Replacing ceiling joists in the front hallway
  • Restoring the original floors
  • Building a parking lot and accessible ramp
  • And, painting inside and out

When they're done, it will look like this.

Rendering of 204 W. Poplar Street, Griffin Georgia by Architect Douglas Carithers

Rendering of the new 204 W. Poplar Street by Douglas Carithers

Teresa's #1 Truth

"I am a very organized person, and I always think ahead. I’m a person that always has back up plans to my back up plans, but I have learned that when doing a big remodel project and dealing with contractors, you need patience and flexibility - especially in our current environment where contractors are all very busy. I want my quotes today, but I have found that it’s best to give the contractor some grace and allow them time."

Teresa's #2 Truth

"Price is important when evaluating contractors, but you also want to get to know the contractor. Does the contractor listen to you and what you want?"

"Does he or she offer you suggestions or improvements that you had not thought of?"

Why Teresa does what she does

"I love the hunt for unique furniture and good deals. Furniture that is of high quality like vintage and antiques has such character. I want to help people find furniture they love that is also well made and even comes with a story."

How to connect with Teresa

Phone: 770-733-5921

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