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About Wide Canvas

Wide Canvas is a unique kitchen and bath design company located in Reno, Nevada. While we can remodel any room in your home, our specialty lies in our kitchen and bathroom designs. Our goal is to make it easier than ever before to complete that room transformation you've been dreaming of in a short amount of time.

What separates Wide Canvas from other remodelers is our design process. Our design studio offers a personalized touch that you can't get from your local big box stores or home improvement showrooms. In our design studio, clients get their own space to work and preview all of our samples. You can get an up-close view of anything you're considering and even feel it in your hands — something you can't do if you're trying to plan a remodel solely online.

Wide Canvas believes in helping anyone that comes into our design studio, whether they become a customer or not. You're welcome to come in, play around with our samples, and shop elsewhere if you choose. Or, if you want some expert advice, we have designers you can hire to help you complete the process. However you want the design process to go, Wide Canvas is here to help.

Jackie's Story

My first house was an adorable bungalow. Adorable on the outside, that is. I hated the way the inside looked — old, tired, and dated. Frankly, it was embarrassing. Still, (famous last words) it had potential.

My efforts to bring out that potential were hit and miss. The turquoise walls and white kitchen cabinets were a hit. Any change to the floors was a good one. But I wished I had picked a brighter backsplash tile.

And on I went — often getting it right, sometimes getting it wrong, but always wishing for a “do-over” at the end of a project so that I could use all that I had learned along the way to make better choices.

Then, late one night while searching online for design tips, I found something that shouted to me “this is what's next in your life.” There, on Google, was a program that taught how to do same-day room makeovers.

Problem Solved

A same-day makeover is where you rearrange someone's existing furniture and accessories to create a whole new look. I thought to myself, “If other people can make a living at this, surely I can too!” So I took the course, and room makeovers became my new side hustle. The work was rewarding right from the start.

Through my certification, I learned how to analyze a room, identify its faults, and, more importantly, correct them.  The combination of my innate creativity and newfound knowledge made for dramatic results. This is where I started the journey to develop Wide Canvas, which now serves residents all throughout the Reno, Nevada, area. 

Taking the Plunge

Clients were so happy that they wanted me to do more! Would I help them with their kitchen remodel?  They were thinking about enlarging their bathroom. Would I design it? They wanted a complete living room makeover, top-to-bottom, new everything. Would I pull it all together?

Of course, I wanted to take on these exciting and challenging projects. I quit my job and got a degree in interior design. With a solid grounding in the principles of interior design, I started taking on bigger and more complex jobs.

I qualified to sit for the California Certified Interior Designer exam. The exam tests on design theory, the California Building Code, and ethics. I passed on the first try and maintain my certification with continuing education. 

Today, a typical Wide Canvas project includes two or three rooms, but it's not uncommon to redesign a whole house. We can take out walls, move doors and windows, and rip out any fixtures that stand in the way of making a room that is just right for our clients. Whatever it is you may need, the team at Wide Canvas and I can get the job done.

It's Not Just About Looks

One of the things I heard from customers and contractors is, “You're not like any other interior designer I've met.” What did they mean? They were saying that fabulous design is not usually packaged with professional project management.

Before I was an interior designer, I was a business person. I managed whole departments, launched new products, and handled large budgets. I learned how to get things done. I've brought this expertise in both design and project management to Wide Canvas, allowing us to help customers from start to finish in a timely, efficient, and affordable fashion.

Coming Full Circle

Wide Canvas gives interior designers the inspiration and information I wished for back when I started remodeling my little bungalow. Through our innovative design studio, you can generate some great ideas for your next remodeling project. We also have an expert design team standing by, ready to assist you with whatever you may need. With our help, you can finally transform your home the way you want it.

To learn more about how Wide Canvas can assist you, please visit us at 50 South Virginia Street Suite 11, Reno, Nevada, or you can join our mailing list. You can also schedule your own private hour within our studio, where you'll have access to everything you need to start redesigning your home.