How Your Custom Cabinets Will Be Built

You don't have to worry about quality when you buy custom cabinets from Wide Canvas. We build it in, and, unlike some of our competitors, we're proud to share the details. 

Top to bottom, front to back, here's how your custom cabinets will be built. This page gets pretty technical (we're not holding anything back), so contact us if you have any questions.

Full-Overlay, Framed Construction

  • We sell full-overlay, framed cabinets because they're sturdier.
  • Left and right reveals are only 1/4" for an up-to-date, frameless look.
  • Bottom reveals are 1/2".
  • Wall and tall cabinets have a 2" top reveal to receive your crown molding.
  • Base cabinets have a 1" top reveal to receive your countertop.

Face Frames, Doors, and Drawer Fronts

  • Face frames are 3/4" solid wood finished to match the doors. They are glued and screwed - no exposed nailing. The frame is dadoed to accept sides, top, and bottom.
  • Stained wood doors and drawer fronts are 1/2" thick and made from solid wood.
  • Painted doors and drawer fronts are 1/2" thick with solid wood frames and MDF inserts. We use MDF for the inserts for a smooth, stable painted finish.

    Drawer Boxes

    • Drawer boxes have 3/4” thick solid hardwood sides, front and back (all FSC® compliant).
    • Joints are dovetailed.
    • Bottoms are 1/4” thick hardwood veneered plywood bottom dadoed into sides & front for strength.
    • Drawer fronts attached to drawer box using washer head screws; enlarged holes in drawer box allow easy drawer front alignment before knobs and pulls are installed.

    Drawer Guides

    • We use self-closing, concealed undermount drawer guides made by Blum.
    • They are zinc-coated steel with self-lubricating rollers.
    • Soft-close is an integral part of our drawer guides.
    • The “soft-close” mechanism pulls even loaded drawers closed smoothly and quietly.
    • Drawer guides are adjustable so that you can get a tight, even reveals.
    • They are rated for a 100-pound static load and a 90-pound dynamic load.

    Door Hinges

    • We use fully concealed,110-degree, spring-loaded door hinges.
    • They are self-closing. The hinge senses how hard door is being
      closed and adjusts resistance for smooth, silent closing.
    • Height, side, and depth adjustments are built into the hinge.

    Box Construction

    • Cabinet boxes are made from LEED-qualified, Green-Core plywood made from renewable wood fiber and no-added-formaldehyde resins.
    • Interior is a natural maple veneer with a durable top coat for easy soap-and-water cleaning.
    • Unfinished ends are 1/2" natural plywood, and finished ends are 3/4" with a matching wood veneer exterior and maple veneer interior.
    • Backs are 1/2" natural plywood.
    • Bottoms are 1/2" natural plywood.
    • The bottoms of wall cabinets are recessed up 1/4".
    • Internal shelves are 3/4" thick maple-veneer plywood. They are clear-coated for easy soap-and-water cleaning.
    • Toe space is 4 1/2" high and 3" deep.