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Jackie Lopey Certified Interior Designer Specializing in Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Reno Nevada

My name is Jackie Lopey. I'm an award-winning kitchen and bath designer and the founder of Wide Canvas. If your kitchen or bathroom needs an update, you're in the right place.

Wide Canvas is a hands-on interior design studio that is open to the public. We make the custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets, unique tile, and exquisite plumbing usually reserved for designers available to you. 

Every room in your house is a blank canvas. A really wide, blank canvas. And, everything in the room - the furniture, wall color, cabinets, and artwork - comes together like a painting. We're here to help you create a beautiful "painting."

But...I bet you still have questions. Let's talk.

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Good for a 30-minute design consultation at our studio, on the phone, or online. One per household. Limited time offer.