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Working with a Partner or a Co-Designer

Photo by Tom Crew

You're lucky. Someone wants to work with you to design your new room. If a co-designer steps forward, embrace her. Maybe it's your spouse, your sister, or your best friend.

Will you walk through each step in the design process together? Or, will you divide the workload?

My husband and I, two type-A personalities, do well with the latter approach.

When we remodeled our bathroom, I planned it, chose all of the finishes, and coordinated the delivery of all of the materials. He fielded bids and managed the day-to-day communication with the contractor.

Working hand in hand makes a daunting project, like a remodel, more fun for others. 

Regardless of your approach, you need a flexible way to share information and ideas. Look for a platform with file sharing, chat, and shared to-do lists. 

She didn't know it, but Jackie Lopey's days as an advertising executive were numbered when she bought and renovated a 1950's bungalow. She soon went back to school and started her own design studio. Jackie is an award-winning, certified interior designer and the founder of Wide Canvas.

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