What are Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes? And, What Size Do I Need?

What size are standard bathroom vanities? This seems like a basic question, but I am asked it a lot. Once you learn what the standard sizes are, your next question might be, what size vanity do I need. In this post, I'll answer both of those questions.

What is the standard height of a bathroom vanity?

Today, most vanities are 36" high. That's 36" to the top of the counter. By the way, 36" is also the standard height for a kitchen counter.

  • The vanity cabinet itself is usually 34 1/2" high.

  • The countertop is 1 1/2".

  • The minimum backsplash height I recommend is 4".

Standard Vanity Heights Backsplash Height Countertop Height Toe Kick Height

Have you noticed the vanities in older homes seem short? That's because they usually are. These lower vanities (about 32" high) are still available, and might be the right solution for a bathroom used exclusively by children. Finally, 30" high vanities are used with vessel sinks.

Illustration by Wide Canvas of Vessel Sink Vanity Height Childs Vanity Height Standard Vanity Height.png

What is the standard depth of a bathroom vanity?

Vanity cabinets are usually 21" deep. The counter overhangs the cabinet by 1 1/2" on the front for a total depth with counter of 22 1/2". However, we often design custom vanity cabinets that are 24" deep. A deeper vanity provides more counter space and more storage space.

Illustraton by Wide Canvas Showing Top View of 21 Inch Deep Vanity.gif

What are standard vanity widths?

Custom made vanities can be built to any width. Usually, the minimum width is 21" per sink. Special cases, like a tiny powder room, sometimes call for narrower widths.

You'll find single-sink off-the-shelf vanities in these widths:

  • 18"

  • 24"

  • 30"

  • 36"

  • 42"

  • 48"

And, off-the-shelf double-sink vanities are typically:

  • 60"

  • 72"

  • 84"

What size vanity do I need?

The right vanity size for you will depend on the way the bathroom will be used and how many people will use it. 

Powder Room Vanity Size & Configuration

A powder room vanity is used for washing hands and light storage. A 30-inch cabinet is ideal. It allows for an ample sink, a little counter space, and room inside for toilet paper.

Hall Bathroom Vanity Size & Configuration

Hall Bathrooms are the hardest working vanities in the house. They are used daily by two or more family members, often children. Sometimes they are also the bathroom used by guests.

If space allows, I like a minimum 72" vanity with two sinks and two drawer bases for hall baths. That way there are two sinks and plenty of storage for family members and the countertop can be kept clean and clear for guests.

Master Bathroom Vanity Size & Configuration

A master bathroom is typically used by two adults. For that reason, I prefer his and her vanities, each 36 to 42 inches wide, for master bathrooms. At that width, there's room for a bank of drawers and a good amount of counter space. If two vanities won't work, a 72-inch double vanity is ample for a master bathroom.

Today's master bathrooms are often designed to be spa-like retreats. These spa master bathrooms can be quite large and vanities can be sized accordingly.

For example, this extra-long vanity includes two sinks and two banks of drawers along with both open and closed storage. Note the varying depths of the vanity cabinets. It not only adds interest but allows us to work around a narrow wall space on the far right.

Extra long made-to-order vanity with open shelves and different cabinet depths. The wood is Maple with a Black Hightlight. Designed by Jackie Lopey. Photo by Tom Minczeski

Extra long made-to-order vanity with open shelves and different cabinet depths. The wood is Maple with a Black Hightlight. Designed by Jackie Lopey. Photo by Tom Minczeski

Smaller or larger vanities than those I recommend can work, of course. The size of the bathroom, personal needs, likes and dislikes all need to be considered when sizing a bathroom vanity. These guidelines are a good place to start.


Jackie Lopey, Certified Interior Designer & founder of Wide Canvas
She didn't know it, but Jackie Lopey's days as an advertising executive were numbered when she bought and renovated a 1950's bungalow. She soon went back to school and started her own design studio. Jackie is an award-winning, certified interior designer and the founder of Wide Canvas, a kitchen and bath design studio in Reno, Nevada.

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