Decorated Unicorn Cake

The recipe, the cake, and interior design

Decorated Unicorn Cake on a StandWhy copying a room from Houzz or Instagram rarely works

There's the thing you want to make, the cake, and then there are the steps you have to take to make it, the recipe.

The cake and the recipe 

The IKEA bookcase and the directions

The Instagram picture of the bathroom and the design plan

A picture of the cake, the bookcase, or the bathroom might be all an expert needs to produce a credible copy. The same cannot be said for the rest of us. We need more.

Interior designers help people go from a "look" to an actual room

That's where an interior designer can help. Most of my clients know what they want their new kitchen or bathroom to look like, but they're not sure how make that happen. Knowing how to achieve their look is my job.

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Photo by Deva Williamson

Jackie Lopey, Certified Interior Designer & founder of Wide Canvas
She didn't know it, but Jackie Lopey's days as an advertising executive were numbered when she bought and renovated a 1950's bungalow. She soon went back to school and started her own design studio. Jackie is an award-winning, certified interior designer and the founder of Wide Canvas, a kitchen and bath design studio in Reno, Nevada.

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