Master Bathroom Remodel - Concord California - Free-standing tub -  Black Tub Filler - Pebble Accent Niche - Wet Room design by Jackie Lopey - photo by Boaz Meiri

Can I just get a minute to myself? Bathroom Luxuries, Part III: Quiet

Master Bathroom Remodel - Concord California - Free-standing tub -  Black Tub Filler - Pebble Accent Niche - Wet Room design by Jackie Lopey - photo by Boaz Meiri
Concord, California Master Bath Retreat. Design by Jackie Lopey. Photo by Boaz Meiri


You can't see it, but ever bathroom spa retreat needs it

Fill in the blank: peace and _______.

It's peace and quiet, of course. Quiet is a luxury in our always-on world. And, it's essential to one thing we all long for at one time or another - peace. We ask ourselves, "Can I just get a minute to myself?"

In our quest for peace, we create not just master bathrooms but master bathroom retreats and home spas. We pay attention to visual design elements like soothing color schemes and splurge on the sensual treats like thick Egyptian cotton towels.

But, we forget about sound, and that's too bad because nothing will ruin a soothing soak in that gorgeous free-standing tub you're imagining like the staccato of rattling pipes.

So, how do you design peace and quiet into your new bathroom? You block outside noise, minimize inside noise, and add the sound you want. 

Eight noise-control strategies to employ in your bathroom remodel

Block outside noise

1. Walls - Ask your contractor about building walls with noise-reducing drywall and insulation.

2. Doors & windows - New doors and windows can reduce outside noise, but it doesn't pay to make the windows more sound resistant than the walls themselves.

3. Placement of appliances - Purchase quiet washing machines, hot water heaters, air conditioning units, and refrigerators and work with your architect or designer to place them away from bedroom and master bathroom walls.

      Minimize noise inside

      4. Pipes that rattle, whistle, and vibrate are warning signs. You may have a leak or a clog. Fixtures may have been incorrectly installed or may be failing. A plumber can help.

      5. Exhaust fans - This is a case where you get what you pay for. Invest a little more for a high-quality, low-noise fan and insist that it is installed to the manufacturer's specifications. Even a quiet fan will make noise if it's not installed correctly.

      6. The motors and blowers on whirlpool and air massage tubs are noisy. What most people don't know is that the motor or blower doesn't have to be in or near the tub. It can be installed far away on the roof, in the garage, in a closet, or a crawlspace. Work with your plumbing supplier and contractor on the details.

        Add the sound you want

        7. Music - Build in your music system or add it later. There are lots of options. Bluetooth speakers, ceiling fans and shower heads. Waterproof ceiling and wall speakers. MP3 players.

        8. White noise - No matter which technology you choose, think about playing white noise as well as music. You could choose the sound of waves gently washing a shoreline, rain falling, or birds chirping. Remember, this is your world, or at least your bathroom.

        Pick and choose the ones that fit your room and your budget

        You don't need all eight noise-control strategies to create a peaceful room. Focus on the ones that make sense for your situation. The simple fact that you're thinking about sound puts you miles ahead of most remodelers.

        This blog post is part of a series.

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        But, what is luxury? The answer depends on whom you ask. What feels plush to you may seem fussy to me. So, in this blog series, I'm going to explore what a luxurious bathroom might include and leave defining what a luxurious bathroom is to you.

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        Jackie Lopey, Certified Interior Designer & Founder of Wide Canvas

        She didn't know it, but Jackie Lopey's days as an advertising executive were numbered when she bought and renovated a 1950's bungalow. She soon went back to school and started her own design studio. Jackie is an award-winning, certified interior designer and the founder of Wide Canvas.


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