Barn Raising in Amish Country by Randy Fath

Who should lead your remodel team?

Barn Raising In Amish Country

A recent conversation with Fred Gutierrez of The Homeowner's Institute got me thinking about construction project leadership.

There's so to much consider when you're remodeling or building a home. "Pick a leader" doesn't usually make the to-do list. So, leadership falls to whoever steps forward. Maybe it's the homeowner, maybe not. That's a scary thought when you're spending thousands of dollars on a renovation.

Fred says that leadership of a renovation or new home build belongs to the homeowner. At times, the owner might share responsibility with their architect, builder, or designer, but, at the end of the day, the owner must lead. I agree.

To me, leading your project means:

  1. Knowing what you want and clearly communicating it. Here at Wide Canvas, we call that Defining Your Vision, and it's the first stage of our project management process. More posts on defining your vision here
  2. Managing your project in distinct phases so that you can delegate to the right "lieutenant" at the right time. By lieutenant, I mean your architect, builder, or designer. More posts on project phases and the design-build process here
  3. Setting the tone for your team. You've heard before, so I'll keep it brief: the leader defines the culture.

Fred and I have a lot in common. He wants to help you lead with confidence. That's what his podcast is all about. I'm here to inspire and empower you. He and I talked about leadership, the design-build process, creativity, and a whole lot more; listen to the full episode here

Listen Jackie being interviewed by Fred Gutierrez on The Homeowner's Institute podcast here:

Full podcast episode here


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