SAMPLE CHECKOUT - Karylann Aalbu - 1/13/23

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Vendor = Merit  |  Item# = Style# |  QTY = 2  |  Description = Lonsdale Flat Panel Door

VENDOR ITEM# QTY. DESCRIPTION (Tile, cabinet door, etc.)
Merit SB.ALD/GRM 1 Seaside Timberwood Alder
Merit SB.ALD/WRN 1 Wren Alder
Merit SB.ALD/SEP 1 Sepia Alder
Lectus SB.MAP/BST 1 Basalt Maple
Plain & Fancy ST10 1 Cocoa Hard Maple Satin


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5) Return samples within 7 days. Person checking in samples will update the Product record reflecting returned items as received back in the studio.


Please note all samples are to be returned 7 days after being checked out. Thank you.




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