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Custom Vanity Order

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Per the attached drawings & specifications.


  • Industry Collection, Slab Door with Chalk Matte finish/color selection.
  • Thermally Fused Laminate bonded to ¾” (19mm) thick Particle board Core, faced both sides.
  • Square edges are taped with 1 mm PVC edge banding.

Plywood Case Specifications

  • It is the nature of real wood to have a variety of colours and grain textures. Both climate and soil conditions have a marked effect on the rate of tree growth, and therefore, on grain development and colour. These variations are what gives living wood its natural beauty and are evidence of the genuine product. Variations can appear from cabinet to cabinet. Therefore, samples may vary from the product you receive. Exposure to any type of light, over time, will slowly mellow wood colour.
  • All cases are crafted with 15.7 mm multi-core CARB 2 Compliant plywood. Plywood tolerance is +/-.3mm, which meets or exceeds HPVA standards.Plywood case faces and backs are faced with clear-finished Birch.Complementary PVC edgeband faces visible edges of cases.Open shelf units, thick panels, and other sheet goods may be particle board core rather than plywood core.If a painted door style is chosen with plywood cases, finished cases and ends will be painted MDF, unless specially requested; If painted plywood cases are specially requested, then painted Maple or Birch veneer are used. As with all wood, veneer expands and contracts with humidity. Paint is flexible within this natural occurrence, but is limited. If a painted Maple or Birch veneer is chosen instead of MDF, then cracking may occur.All wall units over 30” high have a fixed shelf 300mm from the top of the case.

Freight & Delivery

Price includes freight & delivery to your home.


Attached as Photos:

  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations
  • Door Style (2 pages from Merit catalog)
  • Warranty (Merit Catalog)
  • Product Acceptance Plywood Case (Merit Catalog)
  • Product Acceptance Finishes (Merit Catalog)
  • Product Acceptance Door Type (Merit Catalog)