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Custom Great Room Cabinets Rev 8-18-22

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Great Room Cabinets Per the Attached Description, Drawings, and Photographs

Delivery Fee: 

No charge for garage delivery in the Reno area. Difficult-to-reach locations, steps, and other site conditions may incur delivery fees.

Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Finish

  • Doors & Drawer Front: Flat Panel Door with Molding on inside edge per the attached drawings and photograph. Frame is maple and flat center panel is MDF.

  • "Cobble" Brown Paint Per the Sample You Approved

Cabinet Box

  • 5/8” plywood sides and bottom, 1/8" melamine back, both sides finished. Front edges with PVC edgeband to match door color.
  • HPVA compliant. 

Drawer Box & Slides

  • 5/8" solid birch hardwood sides with dovetail construction and clear lacquer finish.
  • All surfaces are sanded smooth and clear-coated.
  • Full Extension soft closing, concealed steel undermount runners with the soft close feature.
  • Standard Kitchen slide length is 21 5/8” (550mm) and Standard Vanity slide length is 17 11/16” (450mm).
  • 25 kg (55 lbs.) load capacity
  • 5 mm (1/8”) thick MDF core, Interior Finish
  • Adjustable front
  • Drawer box is removable for ease of cleaning

Door Hinges

  • 110-degree clip-on all metal standard hinges are attached to doors.
  • Hinge cup diameter is 35mm.
  • Soft-close Silencio Hinge upgrade is included.


  • 5/8" plywood with a natural wood veneer that is UV Coated.
  • Both sides are finished.
  • Front edges are finished with PVC edgeband to match cabinet interior.


  • All base and tall cabinets sit on European-style legs that can be adjusted to any height between 3 1/2" and 7".
  • Protects cabinets from water damage due to flooding.
  • Makes it easy to accommodate uneven floors.

 Drawer and Door Handles

  • Not included

      Cabinet Care "Do"

      • Employ a soft cloth moistened with a weak solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. Avoid using excessive water.
      • Never use products containing ammonia. They will dull the finish, or damage the protective top coat.
      • Once you clean your cabinetry sufficiently with water-soap solution, dry it immediately with a soft, dry cloth.
      • The clear finish top coat provides a knock-proof surface, which does not need applications of oil or wax to retain its appearance.
      • Special care for high-gloss finishes is required; be sure to use a very soft cloth to avoid scratches. 
      • Clean any splatters on your cabinets immediately. If left on your cabinetry too long, grease splashes, food stains, and water spills can become difficult to remove. They may even permanently damage the surface of your investment.
      • Clean your cabinets often, even if there are no visible marks or splatters. Doing so will ensure your cabinetry’s enduring beauty.
      • Minimize exposure to moisture, heat, and light – protect your cabinetry from damp cloths, kettles, steamers, and direct sunlight as best as you can. All of them can damage the finish or alter the color of your cabinets.
      • If you do happen to scratch or nick your cabinets, touch-up kits are readily available to repair them.

      Cabinet Care "Don't"

      Other than the specific precautions above, here are some additional products to avoid:

      • Sponges or dish clothes may carry dirt particles, food bits, leftover grease, or the remnants of strong cleaning solutions. Any of these items can damage your cabinet's finish.
      • Harsh chemicals and detergents like tub and sink cleansers, scouring pads, steel wool, rough sides of sponges, and abrasive cleansers – it may seem obvious to avoid using these products, but, once in a while, you may consider using them to remove stubborn stains. They will damage your cabinetry surface.
      • Silicone-based products.
      • Conditions that create large swings in humidity and temperature.