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Custom Bar Cabinets (EH)

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Kitchen Cabinets Per the Attached:

  • Floor Plan
  • Elevations
  • Detail
  • Door Drawings & Photos

    Delivery is included

    Garage delivery in the Reno-Sparks area is included. Difficult-to-reach locations, steps, and other site conditions may incur additional delivery fees.

    Cabinet Specifications

    • Plywood Cabinet Box: Sides and bottom 5/8” (16 mm) particle board, both sides finished and front edge taped. Back 1/8” (5 mm) Melamine, case faces and backs are faced with clear-finished Birch.
    • Finished Ends: If a painted door style is chosen with plywood cases, finished ends will be plywood core, paint on exterior face, clear finished birch veneer interior face, complementary PVC edgeband. If a painted door style is chosen with plywood cases, furniture cases and parts will be MDF core, paint finished.
    • Wall Units: All wall units over 30” high have a fixed shelf 300mm from the top of the case.
    • Drawer Box: Birch solid wood sides with dovetail construction and clear lacquer finish. Bottom is 5 mm (1/8”) thick MDF core, interior finished. Drawer front is adjustable.
    • Drawer Slides: Full Extension soft closing, concealed steel undermount runners with the soft close feature. 25 kg (55 lbs.) load capacity.
    • Door Hinges: 110-degree clip-on all metal standard hinges are attached to doors.
    • Soft-Close Hinges are included.
    • Shelves: 5/8” (16 mm) plywood both sides finished and front edge with PVC edge band to match interior finish.
    • Interior: Birch Veneer
    • Full-overlay, frameless construction
    • Hardware: Drawer and Door Handles Not Included

    Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Finish

    • Doors & Drawer Front: Meadowland
    • Rustic Hickory Natural (Sealed but not stained)
    • White tinged with brown sapwood and reddish heartwood creating extreme color variation. Extremely dense and hard. Coarse textured with grain that is usually straight but can be wavy or irregular. More numerous natural wood characteristics such as knots, knot holes, burls, swirls, color streaks and light mineral stains than is found on non-rustic hickory selection. Knots may be solid, cracked, open or thru. For machining and strength purposes, face frame members and fillers will be more clear, straight grain. Veneers won’t exhibit character found on solid stock.

    Cabinet Care Guidelines

    For wood cabinetry with a stained finish and cabinetry with a painted finish

    • Employ a soft cloth moistened with a weak solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. Avoid using excessive water.
    • Never use products containing ammonia. They will dull the finish, or damage the protective top coat.
    • Once you clean your cabinetry sufficiently with a water-soap solution, dry it immediately with a soft, dry cloth.
    • Merit’s clear finish top coat provides a knock-proof surface, which does not need applications of oil or wax to retain its appearance.
    • Be particularly careful to shield cabinetry from steam and heat.
    • Special care for high-gloss finishes is required; be sure to use a very soft cloth to avoid scratches.

      Things to avoid

      Other than the specific precautions above, here are some additional products to avoid, as a whole:

      • Sponges or dish clothes: they may carry dirt particles, food bits, leftover grease, or the remnants of strong cleaning solutions.
      • Harsh chemicals and detergents like strong chemical tub and sink cleansers.
      • Scouring pads, steel wool, rough sides of sponges, and abrasive cleansers: it may seem obvious to avoid using these products, but once in a while you may consider using them to remove stubborn stains. They will damage your cabinetry surface.
      • Silicone-based products.
      • Conditions that create large swings in humidity and temperature.

      Final tidbits of advice:

      • Clean any splatters on your cabinets immediately. If left on your cabinetry too long, grease splashes, food stains, and water spills can become difficult to remove. They may even permanently damage the surface of your investment.
      • Clean your cabinets often, even if there are no visible marks or splatters. Doing so will ensure your cabinetry’s enduring beauty.
      • Minimize exposure to moisture, heat, and light – protect your cabinetry from damp cloths, kettles, steamers, and direct sunlight as best as you can. All of them can damage the finish or alter the color of your cabinets.
      • If you do happen to scratch or nick your cabinets, touch-up kits are readily available to repair them.

        Crystal Cabinets Limited Lifetime Warranty

        What does this limited warranty cover?

        This limited warranty covers defects in material and workmanship in your Crystal custom cabinetry under normal home use and service.

        How long does this limited warranty last?

        This warranty lasts for as long as the initial purchaser of the products owns them at the original site of installation.

        What will Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. do?

        Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. will replace or repair any part or parts which may prove defective under normal home use and service.

        What does this warranty NOT COVER?

        This warranty does not cover expenses involved in the removal or installation of any item or product. It does not apply to the mellowing or aging of wood products due to photodegradation (the effect of natural and artificial light on woods and finishes) of the products’ finished appearance. It does not apply to our products or any part thereof which has been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse, misuse, defective installation, improper storage, damage from exposure to extremes in temperature and/or humidity, or normal wear and tear. Painted face frames and other painted products may have visible cracking around the joint areas. This is considered a natural characteristic of wood as it expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature and is not covered under these warranties.

        Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. reserves the right to substitute parts of like quality if a substantially identical replacement part is unavailable. Also, consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty does not apply to any special order product for which a written disclaimer of warranty was signed by the purchaser or the purchaser’s agent.

        Effect on Implied Warranties

        Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. makes no other warranty of any kind—express or implied. The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties, express or implied, are excluded from this transaction and shall not apply to the goods sold unless the goods are “consumer products” as that term is defined by the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

        How do you get service?

        To file a warranty claim, the purchaser should contact the local dealer or distributor from whom the cabinets were originally purchased. The consumer must provide the dealer,
        distributor, or Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. with proof of purchase. This may be done by providing the dealer, distributor, or Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. with a copy of the invoice and/or receipt originally received with the purchase of the cabinets. FAILURE BY THE CONSUMER TO PROVIDE PROOF OF PURCHASE VOIDS ANY CLAIM MADE UNDER THIS WARRANTY. The dealer or distributor will obtain the information necessary to make a claim decision and forward such information in writing to Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. for action on the claim. Warranty claims must include a complete description of how the defect occurred.

        If the dealer or distributor is not available, the purchaser may contact Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. directly at 800-347-5045.

        How does state law apply?
        This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

        Color and Grain Disclaimer

        • It is the nature of real wood to have a variety of colors and grain patterns. Both climate and soil conditions have a marked effect on the rate of tree growth and therefore on grain development and color. These variations are what gives living wood its natural beauty and are evidence of the genuine product. Variations can appear on adjacent cabinets or doors, and even within the same door. Therefore, samples may vary from the product you receive. Further, exposure to any type of light over time will slowly mellow wood colors, both natural and applied.
        • Variations in grain and color as well as natural changes of wood or stain color over time do not indicate product defects, and will not be accepted as reasons for warranty replacement.
        • Defective finishes must be inspected by an authorized representative of Merit Kitchens. The company reserves the option of either approving field repair or returning the defective material to the factory for correction. No action can be taken without proper company authorization.
        • Cabinets must be inspected for finish complaints prior to installation, and Merit Kitchens will not be responsible for any expenses involved in removing or reinstalling cabinets, doors, etc.